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Mon-Fri 7.45am - 3pm

Burton Primary Children -Breakfast Club from 7.45am

Holiday Club now up and running!!!

For 3-7 year olds

Please phone or pop in for further information.





We believe in working together

Successful cooperation between parents and practitioners is important because it also has an effect on your child's development. 

This is why we encourage a culture of cooperation, continuous exchange between parents, carers and practitioners.

Our current initiatives

Currently our initiatives are as follows:

Tapestry Online Learning JournalTapestry online learning journals allow you to view your child’s observations and photographs from their time at Teddybears, almost as they happen! We will also reference your child’s learning to the EYFS profile. This will keep you informed of the areas of learning in which your child is achieving.
Tapestry allows you to add observations and photographs of your own as well as share your comments. We love to hear about learning and acheivements. You will also be able to share with keyworkers activities that your child has particularly enjoyed.

Home Link Diaries - You will be provided with a diary which will be shared between home and playgroup, this provides a link between a child's home life and playgroup, it also provides the child's keyworker with an insight into the child's hobbies and interests. All we ask that you write a record of your child's experiences at home (in brief) and then this can be shared with your child's keyworker at playgroup. You can make your diary as interactive as you wish, you can include photographs, drawings etc. Your child's keyworker will also contribute to the diary providing you with information of what your child has been up to when at playgroup. We hope you will enjoy creating this important information sharing tool.

Library System - you and your child can borrow books from our library to share at home

Nursery Rhyme Packs - our nursery rhyme packs have been created by our staff for you to use in the same way as the library books. You can borrow them to share at home. These are currently being revamped to include a variety of activities and games, please keep looking as they will soon be available!

Dad's and Grandad's sessions and Grandparents sessions - for 1 week a term we invite Dad's and Grandad's or Grandparent's into playgroup to come and spend some time with their daughter/son or grand-daughter/son to see what they get up to!

Super Troopers Board - we have our new 'Super Troopers' board on display within the playgroup, if the children do or achieve something which deserves special recognition they are awarded with a wow pow to add to our board. We would like to encourage you to add to our board, there is always wow pow's in the entrance for you to complete!!

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